Convenient Ways to Purchase Cryptocurrency

By November 5, 2020Financial Success, JIFUcoin

Purchasing crypto currency can seem daunting and difficult, but the fact is that, if you know how, buying tokens can be very simple. You can even use your credit/debit card through several different types of software developed for that very purpose. Additionally, the steps required to purchase cryptocurrency on full exchanges include KYC (know your customer) procedures where users have to supply the system with identity verification. The below options, amongst many others, provide for a very convenient way to purchase crypto, though are much more expensive in terms of fees than full exchanges.



Purchase ETH by clicking “Buy” and selecting either Wyre or Coinswitch. Coinswitch allows for the purchasing of crypto’s other than just  ETH.  Both providers do not require KYC procedures except for large transactions.  All you need to do is fill out your payment information.


Changelly offers an easy way for crypto users to exchange and purchase “150+ crypto currencies. They also offer 24/7 live chat support, which is an added bonus for newbies and seasoned crypto veterans.



 Simply click on “Buy ETH” along the top row and they will be taken to a similar purchase window where users can enter in their ETH wallet address and payment information.

Instant exchanges offer an easy way to trade and use crypto currency, but they often times come with higher fees to make this happen. However, many people are willing to pay the fees in order to skip the identification steps required with full exchanges.

Purchasing cryptocurrency can be easy, safe, and fast. JIFUcoin strives everyday to be fully transparent and impeccably secure.


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