JIFU Affiliates WIN BIG in Global JIFUcoin Challenge

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This international promotion ran for 8 weeks and reward participants for their ability to acquire new customers, bring on new affiliates, and for successful team-building activities. 

Entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to showcase their business-building skills, all while earning JIFU’s incredibly usable cryptocurrency, JIFUcoin. Learn more about the potential to accelerate and create new value with JIFUcoin here!

The top earner globally is Kevin Desnoux with 316 points! He earned the most points by being the best in the international field. His reward is 25,000 JIFUcoins. Massive congratulations to Kevin Desnoux on the very impressive work! 

Huge congratulations to the phenomenal JIFU affiliates who capitalized on this opportunity! Their hard work, impressive diligence, and incredible talent have paid off in a very big way.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the promotion and worked towards building their business. Congratulations to the top ten business owners for striving to maximize their success!  

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