Navigating through 2020 has been anything but easy, however as we are all creatures of habit, we find ourselves embracing the change and taking advantage of what we have right in front of us, letting our hobbies and interests take flight once more.

JIFU has once again brought forth a new addition to the already prosperous company allowing its members to embrace what is right in front of them and be the tourist in their own town. 

By the end of 2020, the additional travel benefits from Rakuten will be available to the JIFU members around the world.

JIFU’s partnership with Rakuten Travel allows its members to take advantage of the already shockingly low prices, not only globally but right in their own backyard. Our Japanese members will have additional options to explore their home country and all of the wonderful places that reside within it.  

Japanese members will now have exclusive access to an increased amount of local hot spots such as Onsen, Kamakura, and Hakone. With increased access to these sites, JIFU members will be able to continue exploring, while much of the world is still struggling with COVID-19. With increased local spots to travel to, this allows Japanese members to stay safe, and practice social distancing while also immersing themselves into their local culture and cuisine. 

To learn more about JIFU’s partnership with Rakuten Travel, click here to read the official press release.

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