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So How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Unsold inventory hurts the bottom line. Empty seats, unsold rooms, and unrented cars must be sold, even if it’s at prices well below retail. Travel providers secretly share their unsold remnant inventory to online travel providers such as Expedia, Travelocity, and yes, JIFU.

How can JIFU offer average discounts of 33-44% savings on hotels compared to the big name websites?

It’s simple, we all get access to hotels, condos, excursions, activities, cruises, and rental cars from the same place at the same prices. To make a profit and pay for advertising, other “discount” travel sites mark the prices up. At  JIFU, we take those savings and pass them directly on to you, our members.

If JIFU doesn’t mark up the prices like the other sites, how does JIFU and its Member Affiliates make money?

Instead of marking your prices way up like the other sites, JIFU is a month-to-month membership with prices as low as $25 for unlimited travel benefits and full access to hotels, condominiums, theme parks, excursions, rental cars, cruises and more.

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There Isn’t One

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JIFU Free Trials Rock!

Get half the savings of a member for nothing, zero, zilch, free. With the value of $100, equal to 6 months free access, Free Trials give you savings on hotels of 16-22% over other popular travel sites.

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Choose From Unlimited Destinations

Where Do You JIFU?

59% Savings

Generations Riviera Maya - All Inclusive

Cancun, Mexico

4.5 Star Hotel

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71% Savings

Terrass Hotel Montemartre

Paris, France

4 Star Hotel

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66% Savings

Iliovasilema Suites

Santorini, Greece

4 Star Hotel

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46% Savings

The Carlyle

New York City

5 Star Hotel

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**Travel savings subject to availability at the time of search and booking.


My family of 4 travels at least once a month for business and for pleasure. We plan to travel with 5 star taste on a 3 star budget with JIFU!


I've never seen anything like JIFU before! My wife and I are building an incredible bucket list of dream destinations - places we've always wanted to go, things we've always wanted to do...JIFU, where have you been all our lives?


As a military family, we're constantly moving around to new places. There is always so much to see and do, and JIFU makes all these adventures so much more possible for our little family! I'm so happy to be able to truly allow my kids to experience so many amazing things at such a young age!


I JIFU with my boys at the Four Seasons, we travel even more as a family of 6 because we get such great savings.


For this family of 6 JIFU has provided the heart felt moments of life we all desire. From watching our children learn different cultures first hand, swimming in the surf of the worlds seas to breathing in the cold fresh air on a chair lift. None would have been possible without JIFU. Thank you!!


Traveling with a family of four usually limits our options due to trying to keep costs down. With our JIFU membership we’ve actually found entire week stays that are less than the cost of a single night compared to the standard discounted sites! We just booked a Palm Springs 4 star resort for a family weekend staycation and saved $220! Thank you JIFU for making travel a reality again for our family!


I was able to save almost $1200 on a week long minivan rental for my family vacation! Having that extra $1200 makes it now possible for our little family to take an additional trip this year! Because of JIFU I’ll be able to double or even triple the amount we travel. I’m so excited to show my children more of the world because we are members of JIFU!


Traveling the world with our children has always been a priority for us. There’s nothing like experiencing something incredible and seeing it through the eyes of a child. Pure magic! JIFU has and will continue to make it possible to experience so much more of this beautiful world.


Travel is something our family strives to do a few times a year whether it’s a short staycation, a road trip or a long plane ride away. With JIFU now we can save enough on one trip to plan two more!


Ready To See Travel Savings For Yourself?

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Limitless Adventure

JIFU Has It All

Hotels, Flights, and Resorts

Save at more than 1,000,000 hotels and resorts around the world.


14 different cruise lines including, Celebrity, Carnival, Disney, Holland and more.

Reward Credits

Earn rewards credits on every purchase you make. Save up your rewards credits and use them to book travel.

Concierge Services

Live chat and/or agents are available to assist members with new reservations, changing existing bookings, and planning trips.

Activities And Excursions

20,000 activities and excursions in more than 1,000 cities offering tickets, sightseeing tours, spa experiences, and more.

Rental Cars

49,000 global locations with more than 30 rental car providers.

JIFU proudly offers access to hundreds of worldwide travel brands, including:

JIFU proudly offers access to hundreds of worldwide travel brands, including:

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