Life is better when you travel with a Buddy!

Travel truly matters. Hard work has many benefits, but let’s face the facts, you cannot live a truly complete and successful life without leisure and travel.

At JIFU, we believe in free and unrestricted access to mental, physical and spiritual development. Getting away from the mundane and experiencing the world opens our minds, refreshes our souls and renews our bodies.

In your personal development journey, our goal is to make it possible for you to see this beautiful world, and even help entrepreneurs make money in the process.

Call us crazy…but we believe the purpose of life is self improvement, and to live a full and complete life we need rest and recreation.

JIFU was founded on the idea that you can experience all that life has to offer…including travel at big discounts.

Our goal is to make it possible for you to see this beautiful world.

Nothing Matters More than People

At JIFU we are dedicated to teaching you how to unlock the secrets to great travel pricing. Whether your goal is a sandy beach or a snowy mountain top, how you JIFU doesn’t matter. What matters is that you now know it’s possible.

Here are our stories:

Jeffery Boyle

Co Founder and CEO

Jeff has a Juris Doctorate, but his passion comes from adventure of all kinds. Jeff refuses to believe he is middle aged and his lifestyle as a fitness fanatic and certified personal trainer are reflected in his appetite for travel adventure.

Favorite travel memory:
I was 6 years old and had travelled to visit my grandparent’s for Christmas. My dad surprised a few of the kids in the family with miniature, Kitty Cat snow mobiles. I will never forget that Christmas! Also, a recent favorite memory, ziplining with my boys through the Kauaian rain forest!

Bucket list activity:
Helicopter skiing in Canada

Craziest travel experience:
Eating a smorgasbord of scorpions, tarantulas, grubs and centipedes in Beijing…yes this is documented!

Fun fact no one knows:
I was temporarily on the payroll for the CIA

Bradley Boyle

Co Founder and President

Even though Brad graduated from legendary Ivy League business school Columbia, he is the ultimate travel guide. A trip with Brad guarantees his guests will learn unknown facts and history. From China’s mystical Terracotta Warriors to Rome’s iconic Colosseum, Brad has been there.

Favorite travel memory:
I have two! Taking my wife and kids to China last year along with another amazing trip to Europe with my wife, two boys and my parents.

Bucket list activity:
African picture Safari with the family and to take my little girls to Paris.

Craziest travel experience:
Unknowingly using counterfeit money to pay a cab driver in China and getting taken to a police station for questioning.

Fun fact no one knows:
My mom signed me up for breakdancing lessons when I was 9 and I can still throw some moves down on the floor!

Doug Allen

Chief Operations Officer

When he isn’t busy doing the “flagpole” stand wherever he travels, you’ll find Doug creating order from chaos using his years of executive management experience in many of the world’s top affiliate marketing companies. Calm, cool and collected with just the right amount of OCD, Doug is always up for an adventure- whether it be local or abroad.

Favorite travel memory:
Phuket and Phi Phi Island (Thailand) with my family. Bungalows on the beach, abundant fresh fruit, amazing diving, succulent food, soaring limestone cliffs, monkeys, elephant jungle treks, and pristine sandy beaches made it one of our families’ favorite.

Bucket list activity:
Istanbul, Turkey

Craziest travel experience:
On an international flight to Singapore, I had an elderly man in the next seat expire halfway over the Pacific. The aircraft was completely full so they had no other choice but to cover him with a blanket for the remainder of the flight.

Fun fact no one knows:
I have an album of pictures of me all around the world of me doing a “flagpole stand” in various locations.

Matt Garff

Board Member

Matt is an owner in the Ken Garff Automotive Group, the 8th largest dealer group in the country which is also the 2nd largest privately held auto group. He has lived in England and Australia but now prefers to travel in pursuit of adventure. Which is part of the reason you’ll see him on cattle roundups or cat skiing in search of powder turns.

Favorite travel memory:
We went to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe where we saw wild dogs take down a gazelle and a cheetah take down a Steen Buck. Hippos came to our door and woke us up at night, watched our guide follow the tracks of a leopard to find the leopard eating a fresh kill and hyenas stole carcasses from their competitors.

Bucket list activity:
Wolf hunting or salmon fishing in Alaska with my boys.

Craziest travel experience:
My wife and I went to a real life Ball in a real life Palace. White dresses and gloves for the women, tuxedos for the men. Horse drawn carriage down the streets of Vienna and announced publicly at the Palace upon arrival.

Fun fact no one knows:
As a kid living in England, I was the first leg of a 4×100 relay team that took home the national championship.

Susan Thistlewood

Financial Controller & Member Service Team Lead

Susan has over 27 years of accounting and management experience with million dollar companies and owned/operated her own successful home business for over 11 years. Her specialty is assisting small business owners to help understand their financial processes and now she is leading the JIFU corporate team as head of Finance. Raised on a working Oregon Ranch, Susan is an accomplished equestrian, as evidenced by the way she sits and handles a horse. Coincidentally, she is also quite capable of handling the 350 horses under the hood of her custom 1969 El Camino. To say Susan is a ``can-do`` lady is an understatement!

Favorite travel memories:
On an Alaskan cruise, our oldest daughter was a toddler, and the youngest person on board. The staff on the cruise served 18 month tours with the cruise company, and consequently, many of them had not seen their children for over a year. Naturally, missing their own children, they were drawn to our sweet little girl, and, as a result we had excellent service wherever we went on the ship. Another favorite memory, is of taking my girls to the Oregon Coast for the first time.

Fun fact no one knows:
I love to fly airplanes AND I am a real Annie Oakley with a Nerf Gun!

Brett Baltzer

Video / Animation / Graphic Design

Brett spends his days making beautiful graphics and videos. However, don’t expect this macho man to spend his time getting a pedicure. Brett would rather kick opponents in the face as a Krav Maga martial arts enthusiast and get dirty off-roading in his Jeep.

Favorite travel memory:
Beach hopping in Maui with friends on mo-peds. Loaded up with boogie boards and snorkeling gear.

Bucket list activity:
Conquering Hell’s Canyon 4×4 Trail in Moab, UT in my Jeep.

Craziest travel experience:
Eating fried mealworms in Mexico.

Fun fact no one knows:
In the Guinness World Records for participating in the worlds largest bubble soccer match.

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