Travel more and pay way less? Sign me up! The savings was undeniable and although I don’t consider myself a world traveler, I’ve still saved thousands on just the few small trips I’ve taken! 🙂


JIFU is amazing. Since becoming an affiliate close to a year now, I have saved so much and earn travel rewards by booking all my travel on the JIFU portal. From savings on hotels, rental cars, cruises, flights and more to include shopping and restaurants. JIFU ROCKS!

Jim & Vanessa

We see the value every time we book and have made 46 plus reservations to date, in Mexico, Canada, the United States, Great Britain and 10 countries in Europe. We have just booked for the Tulip festival and Kings day in the Netherlands for next April. JIFU is helping us fill our Bucket List. We highly recommend JIFU!


In my own experience, nothing beats JIFUs traveling deals. The interface (platform) might not be as advanced as the most popular travel sites, but I don’t mind since it always gets the job done and saves me a huge amount of money on my traveling.


Got a great deal on a hotel for a quick weekend trip to the beach! Thanks JIFU!


It’s been a year of using JIFU Life for all things travel and my experience has been nothing but exceptional. I travel about 75% to 80% of the year and I’ve saved thousands and thousands of dollars booking directly through the JIFU portal.


Awesome way to find the best deals on lodging and cruises! My husband and I have used JIFU for our last 4 trips and have saved tons of money!

Mee Mee

I really had a great experience with the company, I highly highly recommend JIFU !!!! 🙂


Amazing platform of discounts !!! I never thought he could travel at such low prices … I don’t know how they do it (and I don’t care), but their prices are far below the other websites … JIFU I love you and for you we have been able to travel to more places for longer … hopefully more people can experience your benefits.


Jifu is amazing! So far I’ve saved over 10 thousand dollars on travel and I have only used their travel portal for about 6 months. I’ve finally found our “one-stop-shop” booking hub!


Great Savings! I rented a midsize SUV for four days and the total with sales taxes was only $78.16 for ALL FOUR DAYS!! I recently found roundtrip airfair from the midwest to Hawaii for only $527.00 on American. It’s hard to beat their wholesale prices on travel.


I visited Taiwan in October by JIFU travel portal site. I had a enjoyable time with my friends.


JIFU is a company where you find prices with surprising discounts so you can travel more or extend your vacation.

My husband and I are having great experiences around the world taking advantage of the low prices of the platform. We have known beautiful places and people.

Highly recommended. Thanks Jifu 🙂

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