Introduce the beauty & wisdom of the rainforest to your daily routine.

Harvested from ancient, wild botanicals native to the Amazon and refined by expert dermatologists, our patented herbal extract, ac-11®, helps brighten and improve the appearance of the skin.

Meet our line up

Eye Repair Treatment

Lighten darkness, reduce puffiness, eliminate crow’s feet, and tighten skin under the eyes with Eye Repair Treatment. Skin begins tightening upon application the first time you apply it.


Cell Restoration Serum

Cell Restoration Serum rehydrates and restores collagen in the skin for a fuller, tighter look while blending skin discoloration. It’s time to turn back the clock on aging.


Night Repair Complex

Reduce pore size, blend skin discoloration, and tighten the skin, making wrinkles and crow’s feet a thing of the past. Reverse the impact of environmental stressors from sunlight and pollution with Night Repair Cream.


From lush rainforests, to sophisticated laboratories.

From lush rainforests, to sophisticated laboratories.

Ethically-sourced, clinically-proven ingredients.

No matter which glo treatment you choose, you can be assured they’re sustainably harvested and produced with the utmost integrity. But that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or results. Through rigorous research and development, we’ve utilized ac-11®’s (Uncaria tomentosa) ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. This approach has lead us to breakthroughs that effectively reverse signs of aging on mature skin.

Key Ingredients


ac-11® is a water soluble, all-natural botanical extract of the medicinal plant known as Uncaria tomentosa. Studies have shown its ability to help the skin’s natural ability to repair cellular damage to its own DNA due to sun exposure.

Potent Ceramide Blend

Enhances the delivery and exchange of skin lipids, restoring the protective properties of skin and enhancing skin moisturization.

Ultra-Active Vitamin C

Reduce pore size, blend skin discoloration, and tighten the skin, making wrinkles and crow’s feet a thing of the past. Reverse the impact of environmental stressors from sunlight and pollution with Night Repair Cream.

Advanced Peptides

Stimulate your skin to make more collagen and elastin, which leads to firmer, younger-looking skin, and may even skin tone.

Lifting Agents

Reduce puffiness within 30 minutes of use. Fine lines, crow’s feet and dark circles are reduced after 30 days of use.

Hyaluronic Acid

In the purest form, it fortifies and tightens the skin around the eyes while increasing its radiance and suppleness, ironing out wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Clinical studies show that glo works.

Clinical studies show that glo works.

63% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines

Decrease in pore size

63% improvement in skin texture

Lightening of age spots

Feedback from our community

My skin has never looked so good! I am a 47 year old business women who travels by air regularly. The rigors of traveling constantly have left my skin dry and older looking with premature wrinkles. Initially tried glo because I was sick of paying so much for other luxury beauty products without any results. I did some research and appreciated the science behind the product so I gave it a shot. My skin has never looked so good! I'm so happy to say that I'm done shopping around!

Hannah O.Verified buyer

Look no further. Ladies! Look no further. This serum is AMAZING!!! My skin is glowing and it even has that dewy look that is so trendy right now. Highly recommend!

Ashley B.Verified buyer

My skin was glowing and radiant. I am a 58 year old woman who has tried all the luxury high priced brands with mixed results. I must confess, I was skeptical about glo since it is a new brand. To my surprise, after one week of use I experienced noticeable differences. The puffiness under my eyes was gone! My skin was glowing and radiant. Sun and age spots began to fade, along with the fine lines and wrinkles. With results like this after only one week of use, I can imagine the differences I will see after 30 and 60 days. Glo performs better than products twice the price and truly lives up to its claims!

Luann C.Verified buyer

I can see and feel the difference! I absolutely love my glo products! After years of using various serums and eye creams without any results, I finally found products that actually work! I’ve been using the eye cream twice a day and have noticed a decrease in the fine lines around my eyes. As a mom of two toddlers, I had been noticing bags and dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. However, since I started using the eye cream, my dark circles have faded significantly! I’ve also noticed a major improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin from using the repair serum every night. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks youthful and revitalized. Unlike other products that sit on the surface of your skin, Glo products work below the surface to repair, renew, and revitalize your skin from the inside out. I can see and feel the difference!

Bridgit M.Verified buyer

My skin tone has never looked so even! I just turned 60, and my skin feels and looks better than it has in years (decades actually)! I have been a sun-worshiper since I was a teen-ager and over the years, I’ve developed a few dark spots and crow’s feet. I started using the Eye Repair Treatment, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, and Night Repair Cream about 8 weeks ago and I’m amazed at the appearance and texture of my skin. A friend recently told me that my skin looked great and asked what kind of foundation I wore; I realized it was a Saturday and I didn’t have any on.

Natalie H.Verified buyer


What is ac-11®?

ac-11® is an all-natural, safe and effective aqueous extract of Uncaria tomentosa, a medicinal plant indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. ac-11® is manufactured using a proprietary ultra-filtration process that produces a low weight (less than 10,000 Daltons) bioavailable, scientifically indole alkaloid free (less than 0.05 ppm) extract. Our patented process standardizes Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAEs), the biologically active ingredient in ac-11®, to minimum 8%. Our primary research has demonstrated ac-11®’s natural ability to help the body repair its own DNA. Additional studies have also demonstrated ac-11®’s ability to: reduce proinflammatory cytokines, encourage cell apoptosis (cellular death) of damaged cells, enhance the immune system and decrease the rate of telomere truncation. ac-11® has both oral use and topical applications.

Is this product sustainably sourced?

Optigenex harvests ac-11 under the authority of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA). Authorization is granted through an ongoing sustainable management project directed by the government and based upon local availability.

Is the family of glo products derived from natural ingredients?

The active ingredients in the day, night and eye formulas are all natural. A small percentage of each product consists of preservatives and equalizers that are derivatives of natural ingredients. These commonly used constituents are essential to providing a balanced and stable product and can be found in luxury creams on the market today.

What are the visible signs of damaged and aging skin?

    • Fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes
    • Focal hyper-pigmentation or discoloration on the upper lip, cheeks and forehead or (melasma) benign discoloration accentuated by the sun
    • Mottled pigmentation (Patchy skin color)
    • Loss of elasticity and collagen depletion resulting in deep wrinkles and sagging skin
    • Brown keratotic papules (seborrheic keratosis)
    • Red Scaly or keratotic papules or pre-cancerous (Actinic keratosis)
    • Skin cancer (most commonly basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer)
    • The signs of aging and damaged skin are in part due to genetic predisposition and are also the result of extrinsic factors such as over exposure to the sun, smoking, pollution and other life style stressors. People with lighter complexions are more susceptible to the harmful effects of external stressors especially to ultra-violet rays produced by the sun.

What are the four major skin textures and their characteristics?

Oily Skin: The pores of the skin are generally large and visible. The skin is coarse to the touch and thick in texture. Oily skin tends to be prone to Acne.

Dry Skin: The pores are fine and not outwardly visible. The skin has a papery thin texture and feels fine to the touch.

Normal Skin: Neither dry nor oily to the touch, the pores are visible but not large.

Combination Skin: The skin is oily in areas called T-zones (forehead and nose) and dry in and around the cheeks.

Can I use the glo products with make-up?

The Cell Restoration Serum and Eye Repair Treatment absorb quickly and evenly in the skin and can be easily applied under make-up.

What are the properties of each product?

Although the glo with AC-11® products share many of the same advanced active ingredients they were formulated to provide the greatest effect when used as directed.

The Eye Repair Treatment was formulated to treat the sensitive skin under and around the eye and help diminish the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. Rich in proven anti-aging ingredients including; Pepha-tight; an algae based anti-wrinkle and skin lightener, and MDI Complex; an active cosmetic ingredient that inhibits the breakdown of collagen and helps decrease the appearance of dark circles and by Matrixmetalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes; giving the skin a younger, radiant and firmer appearance.

The Cell Restoration Serum protects and maintains the cellular health of the skin which can be undermined by day time stressors including (sun exposure, fatigue, smoke and pollution). The Day Cream helps enhance the youthful and velvety appearance and radiance essential to healthy looking skin with White Tea Extract. Lipocol C and Liponate GC help maintain good skin metabolism and cellular health. The reparative and reformative function of the skin fundamental to cellular metabolism during day time assaults are enhanced by the presence of AC-11® and augmented by Vitamin A Palmitate a normalizer of cell function.

The Night Repair Complex optimizes the natural repair mechanisms of the skin during the hours of rest. It should be noted, repair enzymes, hormones and bio-rhythms are among some of the factors that enhance repair during sleep. The Night Cream includes ingredients that help reduce cellular damage accumulated during the day. To augment the calmative properties that help induce repair, the formula has a natural base of lecithin the most common phosolipids found in all layers of the skin. AC-11® helps the skin natural ability to repair DNA especially during sleep when the skin is generating its highest rate of repair. The Night Cream incorporates an intensive moisturizing base of Squalene and Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate the skin. The formula also contains several additional proven actives including Cuiridone that smooth wrinkles and decreases pore size.

Is it best to use the system?

For best results, we recommend the system of Cell Restoration Serum, Night Repair complex, and Eye Repair Treatment with two applications of the Eye Repair Treatment daily, in the morning and before bed.

Do you recomment the use of glo with AC-11® if I suffer from acne?

There are several natural oils and moisturizing agents in glo that may aggravate your acne condition.

Should I use the glo with AC-11® Skin Care Products if I am being treated by a physician for a skin condition?

It is strongly recommended that you consult your physician if you are being treated for a skin disorder before using glo.