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With JIFU Amplified, boundaries are widened and limitations are few. As an innovative, world-wide affiliate marketing company, JIFU is proud to announce our Latin American (LATAM) Expansion.


Colombia is the first country to take part in this exciting diversification, beginning with the pre-launch on October 17. We are equally as excited to announce the extremely talented Josman Soler as the Country Manager for JIFU Colombia!

Josman Soler could be accurately described as a man of God and family, as well as being a service oriented soul. Born to an entrepreneuring father and a reliable, hardworking mother, Josman soon learned the value of dreams and hard work. Today, he is blessed with his own family of three, consisting of the love of his life and a baby boy who encourages him to create a legacy. 

“I’m living the life I’ve designed, all of it: the victories, defeats, limitations and privileges… I believe we all can hack the reality and design a more abundant and blessed life. We just have to believe it and get down to work.” – Josman Soler

Despite being young, Josman’s career and reputation is built upon the tangible success he has had in the corporate world, including two billionaire companies prior to joining JIFU. He has experience in customer service, legal and compliance, sales and field development and he is an entrepreneur who has created companies in the retail industry. These are all areas in which he has stood out for his performance. Josman has been referred to by prominent leaders in the industry as a man that knows what it is like to build a competitive and successful business. 

“Josman is a young leader with a fresh vision, invaluable experience in both the corporate aspect of day to day operations, as well as field experience, high energy and a dynamic workstyle that only compliments this new era of Jifu,” SVP of Field and Leadership Development Philippe Moser. “He is, without a doubt, the right person to lead the expansion of JIFU into Colombia.” 

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