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What is a JIFU Buddy Pass?

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How does the Free JIFU buddy pass save me money?

The JIFU Buddy Pass is a free option for anyone wanting to use the JIFU system. 

Here’s how it works, when a hotel, rental car, airline or cruise ship has vacancies, they upload them to a database at a huge discount. Then the travel sites, including JIFU, get special access to these highly discounted rates. The big sites mark the prices up for their customers, at JIFU we do not mark up the price. With your JIFU monthly membership, you can access that SAME inventory with NO markup. JIFU members score great deals not available to the public. This way, you know you are getting the best deal out there with no surprise markups at the end of the checkout process.

Watch the video below.

Claim your buddy pass here for free:

Letting Our Joy Shine

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According to the great Jack Nichoslon and Morgan Freeman movie “The Bucket List,” ancient Egyptians have an amazing view of what it took to get into heaven. To get past the guards, spirits were asked two questions and how they answered the questions determined if you were able to enter paradise:

  1. Have you found joy in your life?
  2. Has your life brought joy to others?

What an amazingly simple but powerful formula to measure our life. With the recent tragic passing of my best friend growing up, this simple formula became even more poignant as I analyzed my life. Do I enjoy life and what am I doing to helping others feel the same? What legacy of joy and happiness, if any, will I leave on my passing? What am I doing to feel joy each day and pass that amazing gift to others around me?

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