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Security with Crypto-currency

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If you read our last blog post about JIFUcoin, you’ve probably been contemplating all things crypto-currency. Despite the fact that crypto-currency is a booming and inevitable part of our economic future, most average people don’t know much about it. Even the word crypto-currency sounds daunting, like something only for the dark, hidden corners of the internet.


One of the most frequently asked questions is about the security of crypto-currency. Without a doubt, it is always good to be careful when buying crypto-currency. Here at JIFU, we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to understand why JIFUcoin is a safe and transparent option. 

One of the most important, if not the most important, part of crypto-security is what is called a blockchain. A blockchain is what makes crypto-currency even possible by decentralizing data and information. To boil down the very complicated technology that is blockchain, it is essentially a ledger of every transaction made on a certain network that anyone can access and see. 

Because the data is stored in hundreds to thousands of different computers, a good blockchain is nearly impossible to hack or change. If, by chance, someone was able to change the ledger on one computer, it would end up being voided because the changed data does not match the data on the other storage locations. JIFU has invested heavily in a blockchain to ensure supreme security; we are not cutting corners when it comes to JIFUcoin. 

Additionally, every transaction made requires a two factor authentication process, whether that be a password or authentication code. It is also important to consider the “e-wallet,” which is where crypto-currency is stored. Some of the most popular e-wallets include companies like Coinbase, but JIFU is developing our own e-wallet. As usual, JIFU leaves nothing to chance, and our e-wallet is no different. JIFUwallet will be the ideal place for users to store their crypto-currency. Users will be able to effortlessly import and connect their current crypto-wallets to JIFUwallet. 

A few other tips for safe crypto-currency usage include using a strong password, logging out after each transaction, and carefully checking your mobile transaction history regularly, just like you would a bank statement. 

JIFU is committed to full transparency and we have been hard at work developing a token that actively benefits our members. JIFU is also dedicated to making JIFUcoin a true utility token, meaning that our members can use it to buy products, services, and travel experiences. 

Being a part of the crypto-currency movement doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, as a participant in JIFU’s other opportunities, buying JIFUcoin is a simple and logical next step.

Security with Crypto-currency

Learn more, be bolder, and take control of your buying power with JIFUcoin!


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Introducing JIFUcoin!

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “cryptocurrency?” Maybe you think about some intangible, far-off future where the economy is run by Bitcoin. In reality, cryptocurrency is already a thriving part of today’s business economics!


 JIFU has chosen to boldly integrate crypto into our already advanced affiliate marketing model. Introducing JIFUcoin, a new utility token that has already been seamlessly integrated into the JIFU ecosystem. Already in presale to JIFU Members and backed and secured by a cash treasury, JIFUcoin is an experiential and transparent cryptocurrency providing additional savings on travel, lifestyle, and e-commerce. 

JIFUcoin is one of the first affiliate marketing companies to capitalize on the freedoms provided by cryptocurrency. We have innovated our own “utility token”, which means that the coin has real-life value. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, JIFUcoin is fully functional in our ecosystem, which means members actually benefit from using our coin. 

JIFU will generously reward our current and future JIFU Member Affiliates for sales and give them the ability to tap into and sell real products and known travel providers with a real cryptocurrency that can actually be used to buy products, services, and travel experiences. Members will be able to use the JIFUcoin to book flights, hotels, and rent yachts through the travel portal and purchase hundreds of thousands of products in the JIFUshop. JIFUcoin is an virtual currency that harnesses and creates new value now and for the future!

Our goal for JIFUcoin is for it to be the most usable utility token on the planet, and we are well on our way to achieving this goal. JIFUcoin will be easily convertible into some of the most popular coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, JIFUcoin owners will also be able to simply convert the coin back into government-issued currency.

We are committed to full transparency and a huge part of that is our goal to be established on a fully public and totally immutable blockchain. In combination with this honesty, JIFUcoin is coupled with the travel industry and value-driven online shopping(JIFUshop). The potential to accelerate and create new value in the future is extraordinary!

By using cryptocurrency, direct transactions are made possible by removing the need for credit card processing companies and banks, giving the power back to the customer. This means that, by taking advantage of the opportunities that JIFUcoin provides, you are able to have complete control over your buying power. 

Cryptocurrency is not a foreign, abstract concept to shy away from. On the contrary, utility tokens are already a huge part of the economy you participate in everyday and allows you the freedom for peer-to-peer transactions. 

JIFU has evolved into a disruptor within multiple industries by embracing the needs of the customer first and emphasizing exclusive value in multiple verticals. Be sure to follow JIFUcoin social media for exciting updates and tips. We invite you to be a part of this exciting new pillar of JIFU and start reaping the benefits!!! 

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