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Top 5 Things to do in Rio During Carnival

Also known as “The Biggest Show on Earth ”, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro holds some of the most exhilarating parties and shows on the planet. With nearly 2 million people per day on the streets, this festival is filled with fun, excitement, and celebration for the whole family. 

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The Sambadrome is a huge building made for indoor parades. During Carnival, it is packed with floats, dancers, and a huge audience standing up to 90,000 people at once. Tickets to the events during Carnival can be pricey, but using the JIFU activity tab in your Travel Portal, you can find great deals on tickets and transport to the Sambadrome, which is a must-do when in Rio. 

Carnival Ball

The Carnival Balls are some of the biggest, most extravagant events during this period in Rio de Janeiro. These are held all over at different venues, all holding the same high energy and excitement as the others. The Balls are themed events, and the people attending typically are in fancy dresses or flamboyant costumes. These Balls are a pure celebration for the environment that you are in, and are considered the best when it comes to this time in Rio.

Participate in a Parade

Carnival is clearly an important time that is celebrated by parties and festivals all over, but a huge part of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro are the parades. These consist of elaborate floats, dancers in flamboyant costumes, flame throwers, and ginormous audiences. These floats are created over weeks and months in preparation for the parades that are watched by thousands. During the parades, the dancers and performers interact with the crowd, and this is where all the fun is! Joining the excitement is one of the best parts about Carnival.

Celebrate at a Block Party

Block parties during Carnival are like the parties outside of the party. Streets are blocked off and filled with people celebrating with street performers, drinks, and food. Famous bars and restaurants are all around, and using the JIFU lifestyle option, finding discounts on food and drinks is easier than ever. Typically, these block parties begin as a parade, and after all of the floats and performers pass by, that’s when the fun starts. Loud music, dancing, and partying is a highlight of your trip to Rio.

Relax on the Beach

Finally, after this exhausting period of celebration and fun, a good relaxing time on the beach is something we would all need. With Rio being directly on the coast of the Atlantic, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to relax at like Copacabana, Joatinga, and Ipanema. Visiting the beach is a perfect way to wrap your trip up with the calming sound of the waves. During February, the time of Carnival, Rio de Janeiro is usually pretty warm, making this the perfect time for the beach. 

Overall, your time in Rio de Janeiro will be filled with the perfect mix of celebration, excitement, fun, and relaxation. JIFU is here to find you the best deals in order to save more on your amazing vacation.